How it Works Receive SMS Alerts
How it Works
Receive SMS Alerts

1. Ticket Status Updates SMS Alerts

Once you submit your Feedback/Complaint to your water company, you will receive at least 1 SMS update on the status of your Feedback/Complaint.
However, you may choose to check the status for yourself

2. SMS Broadcasts

Once in a while, your water company may send you important notices via SMS regarding the water service. These notices could range from unexpected water supply failure due to emergencies, rationing programs and other relevant information that you ought to know about as a Customer / Consumer.

3. SMS Subscription Services

This is a special service design for specific stakeholders in the water sector who need timely information about specific issues as informed by the interaction between customers and the water company. These alerts empower the subscribers in the water sector to act quickly in the interest of the public. 

If you need more information on how this service works, please go to our Contacts Page for details on how to reach the relevant department.