About MajiVoice Introduction to MajiVoice
About MajiVoice
Introducing MajiVoice

MajiVoice is an initiative by the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB), the Water Sector Regulator in Kenya. In exercising its mandate to enhance regulation of Water services in Kenya, WASREB, in conjunction with relevant departments of the Ministry of Water & Irrigation, water service boards, water companies and development partners, conceived the concept of utilizing existing technology in Kenya to enhance interaction between consumers and the sector.

This platform enables two-way communication between the citizen and water providers via text messages (SMS) and / or through the internet. You can find out more on how MajiVoice works in the ‘how to’ section.

Through MajiVoice, water consumers use their mobile phones or computers to share their comments, concerns, feedback and complaints on service delivery with water providers, and, where necessary, receive timely feedback on how those issues are being addressed.
The aim is to improve efficiency, accountability, responsiveness and transparency of urban water service providers in Kenya and ultimately lead to improved service delivery.

Benefits of MajiVoice

To Citizens

  • Uses affordable, accessible and user-friendly technologies
  • Consumers can provide feedback related to service delivery including issues of access, tariffs, service provider performance, responsiveness, quality of service, resolution of  complaints, and others 
  • Offers an alternative to other tedious and often time-consuming processes of lodging complaints with service providers
  • Strengthens the capacity of consumers and Water Action Groups to participate in improving the performance of their service providers

For Water Service Providers

  • Introduces systematic and structured processes for resolving complaints in a consistent, objective and confidential manner 
  • Increased responsiveness leads to greater consumer satisfaction by bringing service levels close to consumer expectations
  • Tracking feature allows for speedier and efficient resolution and follow-up of consumer concerns 
  • Geo-referencing tool enables better understanding of the concerns affecting different localities 
  • Regular monitoring enables water service providers to identify areas for improvement 
  • Performance benchmarks can be developed for addressing consumer concerns

Oversight Agencies (including Water Service Boards and the Regulatory Agency)

  • Strengthens capacity of oversight agencies to fulfill their mandate for protecting consumer interests
  • Oversight agencies can intervene in areas that warrant their attention 
  • Monitoring reports can be used to gauge performance standards of water service providers 
  • Improves the efficiency, accountability, responsiveness and transparency of water service providers