About MajiVoice Frequently Asked Questions
About MajiVoice
MajiVoice Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much does it cost to use MajiVoice services?
For the customer, the cost can range from zero to a few shillings depending on the preferred method of contacting your water company as described here.
Currently, use of the USSD Feedback Option *624# is FREE.
Feedback from the water company in the form of SMS messages is paid for by the water company.

2) When I send my complaint or feedback, what happens next?
Once you submit your complaint in the required format to MajiVoice, the system will generate a unique ticket and send it to you via SMS. The ticket will is also automatically submitted to the water company for action. Once the issue is resolved, you will get another SMS informing you that the issue has been resolved. Please see the 'How to' section

3) What assurance do I have that my issues will be addressed?
MajiVoice has been initiated by Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) which has the legal mandate to protect consumers at large. Important stakeholders in the water sector including the water service boards are also on board with the MajiVoice initiative.

4) Suppose I get a SMS that the issue is resolved but it actually isn't?
At the bottom of the SMS, there are simple instructions on how you can give feedback. On following those instructions via your mobile phone, your issue will be re-instated and given "special priority"